About Us

Established in 2018, AutoCore is quickly emerging as one of the world's leading high-performance, intelligent mobility software and automotive electrical and electronic architecture (EEA) solution providers. The company focuses on automotive middleware, tailored for different EEA computing platforms of next-generation vehicles. AutoCore’s key products includes a AutoCore.OS, with a complete tool set helping OEMs and Tier1s through full life cycle from design to production.

AutoCore's core products includes:

  • AutoCore.OS - multi-patented distributed operating system
  • AutoCore.SYS - one-stop solution for customers on in-car service and automated driving (ADAS/AD)
  • AutoCore.COMM - Full stack in-vehicle networking solutions supporting supporting all physical vehicle buses and various communication protocols such as DDS, TSN, IPC, PCIE and ring network.

AutoCore is building the world's leading middleware platform featured with functional safety, security, flexibility and maintainability. Through its innovative modular design, AutoCore's products are compatible with a variety of mainstream SoCs/MCUs, flexible system architecture to realize the full potentials of heterogeneous computing platforms - enabling volume production of next generation intelligent mobility.