Full stack in-vehicle networking solutions


AutoCore.COMM supports a variety of silicon platforms including TI, NVIDIA Xavier/Orin, NXP, Infineon, Renesas, Qualcomm and Horizon Robotics etc.

Customers can deploy AutoCore.COMM product on different host OSes such as Linux/RTOS/QNX and other operating systems according to hardware capabilities such as MPUs and MCUs. AutoCore.COMM can be integrated with Classic AutoSAR and Adaptive AutoSAR stack, to achieve the goal of “deployment anywhere”, covering the entire vehicle backbone network.

AutoCore provides a complete tool chain throughout design, simulation and verification to facilitate the implementation.

accomm architecture

AutoCore.COMM support:

  • CAN/LIN etc. traditional vehicle buses
  • Ethernet as the backbone for high-performance computing units, domains and zonal controllers
  • The needs of high bandwidth, real-time applications, such as the communication path between ADAS domain controller and sensors
  • Highest level of functional safety, security and E2E data protection
  • Scenarios with strict timing constriant and global determinism
  • Generic interfaces over multiple transmission medium (e.g. TSN/PCIe/CAN, etc.)