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AutoCore provides flexible EEA solutions based on its core product - AutoCore.OS. Compatible with a variety of different silicon platforms as well as vehicle EEA implementation. AutoCore.OS supports Tier1s and OEM's development cross multiple functional domains, from traditional BCM to most challenging ADAS and autonomous driving, building the necessary foundation for software-defined vehicles and intelligent mobility.


AutoCore.COMM provides full stack in-vehicle networking solutions, supporting all physical vehicle buses and various communication protocols such as DDS, TSN, IPC, PCIE and ring network. While improving high performance bandwidth utilization, it guarantees real-time and global determinism with highest functional safety. AutoCore.COMM is aimed at solving fundamental challenges in complex communication scenarios of the vehicle network, offering customers with reference topology design and deployment solutions.


AutoCore.SYS provides customers with a one-stop solution for in-vehicle services, facilitating rapid product definition, implementation and deployment. The solution includes reference designs for services and applications across multiple functional domains, software architectures to with security and functional safety requirements etc. Such solution can support various emerging EEAs, such as Domain or Zonal/Centralized architecture; integrated reference can provide implementations for BCM, IVI and ADAS/AD (L2 to L3+) with systematic fail-safe and fail operational design, a unique turn-key solution for service oriented architecture of software-defined vehicle.







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