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2023年8月28日,新一代汽车基础软件服务商奥特酷智能科技(南京)有限公司(下简称宣布完成由日本瑞穗金融集团和深圳力合科创集团共设的瑞穗力合基金(MLI)的战略投资,也代表着 进一步被国际市场认可,继续扩大全球合作伙伴群体。和将有针对性的进一步加强对日本市场的扩张。

瑞穗力合基金合伙人松尾秀拓先生表示:“汽车EE架构的升级是一条单行线,随之带来的对车载数据传输安全性及稳定性的需求是巨大的,所以我们认为车载通信基础中间件的升级是具有必须性的。目前AutoCore让我们看到了中国车载中间件提供商的技术优势,并且相信在张博士及管理团队的带领下,AutoCore的方案会为更多本土及国际客户展示中国科技企业的竞争力。” 创始人张旸博士表示:“非常感谢瑞穗力合基金对AutoCore产品及企业发展状况的高度认可,期待双方对日本市场的进一步开拓中紧密合作,服务地区众多客户。”

28th August 2023, automotive system software provider announces the completion of B1 round fundraising by Mizuho Leaguer Investment (MLI) fund, a co-GP USD fund established by Mizuho Financial Group and Shenzhen Leaguer Group, with investment strategy focusing on deep-tech field.

This marks the further recognition from international automotive community for AutoCore's product as well as market position. Another major step forward for wider penetration in Japanese market.

Hidetaku Matsuo, Partner of MLI says "The evolution of EE architecture is a one-way road and the demand for a safe and stable data transmission technology is significant, and that's why we believe the communication middleware will be one of the most fundamental and crucial parts of the car. AutoCore's solution stands competitive in the market, and we are amazed to see what AutoCore has achieved so far. We believe under Dr.Zhang's leadership, AutoCore's solution will benefit not only local OEMs but also more and more global clients in the future.”

Dr. Yang Zhang, Founder and Chairman of, says "we would like to take this opportunity to thank Mizuho Group and Mizuho Leaguer for their trust and belief in what we have been building for our wide customer base. We are looking forward to the planned collaboration in targeted Japan market in the near future, be the trusted partner to assist them confronting the challenges ahead."

MLI Introduction

Mizuho Leaguer Investment Fund, MLI

MLI is a deep-tech USD fund co-founded by Mizuho Financial Group and Leaguer Group, which strategically leverages both Mizuho's rich client network in Japan and globally, and Leaguer's strong domestic exposure in the deep-tech field. MLI is focusing on investing in tech startups with unique competitive edges and China Angle. MLI's investment scope covers advanced manufacturing, smart cities, smart factories, new materials, new energy, etc. The fund aims to find startups that are highly competitive in both domestic and global markets, and help these startups become game-changers in their battlefields with ML's unique combination of resources.